7 Levels of Energy

October 25th, 2013

OK, so you are tired. You lack energy or passion. You might be sick, discontent, obese, apathetic, stressed, emotionally volatile or just find it hard to focus. Maybe you are upset about someone or something draining your energy. In the worst case you lost hope that things will ever get better…

Whatever the case, I’ve got some good news – you have the tools to change it!

Firstly, lets take a moment to fully accept our current situation. Whatever that is. Having a great moment and full of energy? Congrats, that’s awesome! Having a bad time and feeling fatigue? Accept it and appreciate too. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re alive and about to do something to feel better ;)

Now imagine for a second you have all the energy you want. What would you do? Find a big enough reason for WHY you need more energy. My big reason is that I want to spread joy, hope and inspire people to take care of themselves and live their best possible life. No way I can accomplish that without enthusiasm and tons of personal energy. So take a moment to think about your own reason. What would you do if you had more physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy? Got your Why?

As we are all different it’s crucial to discover our personal reason for change first. Having a powerful Why helps to wipe out the reasons for keeping the status quo. It helps us to move from “I’m a victim of life” towards “I’m a passionate artist of life”.

7 Levels of EnergyEverything starts with awareness and that is where the 7 levels diagram gets useful. Click on the picture to assess your current energy level. See where most of your thoughts, emotions or actions reside. Most of us aren’t on level 1 nor 7, but range somewhere in between – having occasional conflicts, being concerned about something or experiencing moments of joy…Our vibration depend on the level to which we are conscious and not driven by ego. The average energy level of our days drives our overall life energy. We can consider trends or patterns by asking:

Where am I today compared to yesterday?

Is my energy level going up or down?

Where am I during my time with family, at work, when I wake up or go to bed?

After similar self-inventory we know where we are in terms of our energy and what our full potential might be… So lets say I realized I spend most of my days on level 4. It may mean that my vibrations are mild, I have some degree of awareness, feel compassion and I am often concerned trying to serve others. What simple steps can I take to raise my energy and get to level 6 which would mean feeling joy, synthesizing information without interference of ego and bringing wisdom into everything I do? I personally have the best experience starting with the physical energy before going any deeper to the mind, heart or soul. So lets look at the most material part of ourselves – our body. A question I find most useful is this:

What one thing can I do today to raise my energy level and feel better?

And this is also where most people stop. They feel as if they can’t change the way they live. If you are not willing to change anything in your life you might as well stop reading now as this post won’t help you. There is no magic pill I’m afraid. Everything comes down to whether we continue the old way or decide to try something new. Though there is very little risk, anything we don’t know feels uncomfortable at the beginning. So how can we overcome this? I like to think big but start small by taking just a few steps in a new direction. That way the gap between how things are and how they could be is not paralyzing. Strangely enough, in many cases changing just one element can dramatically alter the energy we feel and affect other areas of our life as well. It’s like an avalanche. Once we realize how much better life could be, we get excited about doing more changes and naturally start taking more care of our life energy. I know there are always thousands of reasons to postpone that very first step. Don’t put this off anymore. Please. Our life energy matters, because it is our energy together with our intention that make our dreams become reality. We are all meant to have an impact. All it takes is finding your Why which is big enough and taking a first few steps in the desired direction. There is no other time to do it and there will never be. Lets start right Now.

Take a deep breath and ask a few questions:
How does my body feel right now? Is it sending me any signals such as pain, discomfort, weakness, muscle tension, cold etc.? What one thing I could do to make it feel better? It might be making it warmer or colder by taking on or off some clothes. It can be nutrition – which food will provide more energy? Am I tired? Can I modify today’s todo list, take a power nap or adjust my schedule so I go to bed earlier?

Wait a second, you may say, what if I can’t control any of that?! There are situations where we depend on something else or just can’t act on all the body signals. I just experienced one such situation during a flight across Atlantic. Sitting between two sleeping people I couldn’t do much re my physical body other than sit and relax. But there is one simple thing we can almost always do – to drink water. As trivial as it may sound water is by far the most underestimated element of our wellbeing. If I should pick just one thing for anyone to experiment with it would be drinking pure water. I personally like the high vibrations of spring water, but if I can’t get it I drink tapped water. I try to avoid bottled water, because it appears to have the lowest vibration and quality. Imagine, more than 60% of our bodies are made out of water… so the water in our body literally determines who we physically are! The quality of the water inside of us relates to the quality of our life. There has recently been quite a persuasive research showing that water not only hydrates and detoxifies our bodies but it might actually be transmitting information. Freezing water causes it to restructure and therefore it’s one of the ways to improve water quality. If you are interested to find out more about water and how it can influence life energy you can watch this video.

Trying some of these fundamentals is totally risk-free and may have a huge positive impact on our physical energy. I realize that for some of us the challenge starts with being enough self-aware… Even to do a basic body scan can be hard because of the enormous disconnect between our minds and bodies.

Focus on your energy and play with it for a week. Then do another check using the 7 levels diagram. I bet you will be surprised.

Did your energy level change? Can you feel any difference? What is the impact on your life quality (relationships, performance, mood, creativity) and how are people around you reacting? In many cases, something tiny can dramatically alter the fulfillment you get out of everything else…

I believe taking control of our personal energy can in fact change the world we live in… Once we get that feeling, that excitement, we get addicted to it and look for other ways to lead our energy level up. So take good care of yourself and don’t be shy to share what your personal life energy in practice looks like… I love to hear about your experiences!




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