On Purpose

Live with presence & purpose

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Do you struggle to focus your attention on what matters the most or are not even sure what your life priority is? Do your days seem meaningless and lack sense of fulfilment? Would you like to feel more energy and joy? Lets set on the journey to infuse your life with more presence and purpose. Your soul desires to create and undertake certain experiences. You've got a unique gift and a contribution here.

How are you connected to the true meaning of your life? We all came to this world for a reason. For many of us it takes time to figure out what our mission might be... In fact, it took me many years to surf through that puzzle and it was thanks to some profound soul searching and coaching that I found the answers. And that's exactly why I offer you this opportunity to practice Mindfulness and set on a personal camino (the Western world calls it Vision quest). Nature inspires us to connect to the deeper meaning of our existence. These anscient tools are here to help us leave the footprint we were born to create...

Come to live at your best and connect to your soul's purpose!

I know that deep down in your heart there's something burning - a theme, an inspiration, a mystery waiting to be unfolded... Become aware of your purpose, connect with it to apply your full potential. I'll be your guide on a mindful journey towards your soul. There are
two unique ways to iniciate that quest - a Mindfulness journey and a Vision quest. I offer both as a "gift for gift" i.e. you pay me in the same hourly rate as you earn (we clarify before our journey) and for the value the quest created for you (you decide after our journey).

Reboot Yourself

Breathing Flow

From the Mountain top

Mindfulness Journey

 What would change if you infuse a bit more awareness into your activities today? How can you apply Mindfulness in your daily life?

  • become more conscious about your thoughts, words and actions
  • improve your connection with the world around you
  • deepen your relationships with others
  • experience high quality sleep
  • feel more energized and enthusiastic

You'll become the CEO of your life who chooses:

  • what to think
  • what to say
  • what to do 

Vision Quest

Would you like to be guided during a Vision quest (camino) into wild nature?

  • Gain insights & refine your inner GPS
  • Practice meditation & tune into the language of nature
  • Discover answers to questions related to your life's mission e.g. Why am I here? What am I supposed to be, do, have..? How can my life become more meaningful? 

You'll decide:

  • where we go
  • what pace we take
  • how long the journey takes