Forest mind

February 16th, 2017

When was the last time you’ve been out in nature? What was your experience like? No matter what you did or where you’ve been I bet you felt better afterwards. Even kids know it’s good to spend time outside. Not everyone might know, however, what even science now confirms:

Being out in nature has radical positive effects on human body and mind.

Spending time outside is so essential to our well-being that schools should add a class on the vitamin Green – the power of Nature – to their curricula.

Nature helps us connect to ourselves, our body, emotions and even our life’s purpose. As little as 10 minutes in the woods lower our blood pressure, 20 minutes lead to a better mood, after an hour our focus sharpens and 2 hours already start recovering the entire immune system. Spending 5 hours a month out there we experience an increase in positive emotions. The research concludes that a 3 day trip in nature not only boosts the sense of vitality, but also strengthens our immune system, raises the level of protein that prevents cancer, reduces the amount of stress hormones, stabilizes our blood sugar, lowers a heightened blood pressure, releases tiredness and fights depression. Wait a second. Let it sink in. Knowing this and not taking the time to be outside is insane..!

Speaking from my own life I noticed the healing that nature provides, be it in times of stress, overwork or illness…going out into the wild has always worked miracles. It’s for that reason that I suggested to invite Martina Holcova to speak at the recent TEDxBrnoWomen conference about her Forest mind project. And I was even happier to see her talk resonating with the audience. Actually, it’s inspired many skeptics to go out and give forest a try

I gladly invite you to watch her TED talk here to help us spread the word about these wonderful benefits!

Breathing in the vitamin Green lets meet out in the wild,





16.2.2017 15:02

Jana, I always look forward to your posts. This one was as delicious always. Indeed, knowing all that you shared about the wonders of being in out in nature and and not taking the time to be outside is insane! I am noticing how after a cold winter and being primarily indoors, I come alive as spring arrives. I can see how when I run or walk outside daily, my mindset and attitude is more positive. Thank you for sharing!

19.2.2017 13:27

Indeed, I wrote it as a reminder to myself too :-) Especially in the middle of an important work project or stressful times I tend to forget...but once I decide to put the sneakers on the hardest part is over!