If you had 5 minutes

September 24th, 2019

The American publisher leaves me with a question that provokes a restless night: 

If you had total control over all live media sources for five minutes, what would be your message to the world?

We are all part of a much larger inter-connected net of life in the Universe, is my first thought. And we all have connection to inner wisdom, is the next. 

Source. God. Higher self. Intuition. Whatever you call it. 

And the dreams! Oh, sweet Dreamland. Everyone’s of their own making. The power of imagination, our ability to infuse life with beauty and magic. The potential to create a better version of anything using the synergy of our heart and mind. If only we wake up to the fact that we are not separate from nature...that we ARE nature..! 

Just as the dolphins show us all the time. They embody oneness in nowness – completely immersed in the present moment they swim in perfect synchronization with each other, no one leader but all in total harmony within a never-ending flow - they dance out their joy and their buoyant yes to life in all its forms. They follow who ever feels inspired to lead the next move, only to transform the pod into yet another impressive formation of immense beauty. They feel each other, their movements exemplify unity in motion. 

OK, I guess I got carried away thinking of dolphins. What was the question? Ah, my message to the world. Well, I would speak about alignment. Afterall, that was the first piece of guidance I got from whales when I asked what’s standing in the way of true connection between cetaceans and humans. Alignment. Just that? I wanted to double check I got their message right. Yes, that is all that’s needed. That’s your homework. Hearing them say “your” I sense they are not talking only to me, they mean mankind.

Alright, alignment. What is that really? To me it feels like the alignment with who I am, my best self, living the highest potential – and as such it probably includes a healthy lifestyle, nourishing ourselves with the best food, breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, moving our bodies, taking recovery time, choosing our thoughts and words wisely, meditating… “Yes, yes,” I hear, “and more… it is being who you are, really connecting to all life, using all your senses, listening to the inner wisdom, noticing the signs on the path, enjoying the magic of synchronicity – all that helps to remember and reconnect.” 

And dreams? I ask. Don't they have the potential to show us a deeper reality and guide us towards our purpose and health? My dreams definitely help me navigate my path and create the future I prefer. “Your energy and consciousness are the main tools,” they say. I realize it is through them that we are creating the "waves" of each moment we then experience as our reality. We have created what we are currently living and therefore we may now create something we would prefer better tomorrow.

Each being has a unique path and chooses their purpose for each life.

Which reminds me of my conversation with Source the other day while I was walking from a river spring.

The unique perspective that I perceive through You is the main value. I am You, I hear the Source say. 

You are in no way separate from me. 

You are part of my Perspective which I create and perceive at the same time through all my expressions. What you are currently perceiving and living here on this forest path cannot be perceived and lived in this exact way by anyone else. That is why you voluntarily and temporarily forgot the highest ultimate holistic perspective of the Source. You forget it in order to fully immerse into perceiving and living precisely this moment, this piece, this aspect of existence that is being created right Now through you. WE are creating it together. Look at the path ahead. It is unfolding in front of you. With each step on this path you are creating how it will look like, how it unfolds next. 

Do not want more and do not do any less than that.

Just fully perceive the stream of Source within You. 

Well, I think I know what I'd say if I get those five minutes. 

And until I get the chance...I am glad I can tell you!

What would you share if you got 5 minutes of world’s attention?

I may be your first listener...