Rainbow as a circle

December 27th, 2017

Take a second to imagine a rainbow; I bet your recollection will be that of an arch that begins and ends. Most of the time that is simply how we happen to see rainbows – appearing at one point and ending somewhere. But have you ever seen rainbow as a circle?

For me it created a great metaphor of our true nature. A fascinating light frequency that has no beginning or end; our essence – just like a rainbow – is a perfect scale of amazingly bright colors that are magically bound together, one fusing into the other in a mesmerizing harmony. Can you feel your soul resonating with the image of a rainbow circle? Showing up in different forms, times and places…you too always remain perfect, shining, timeless and divinely complete.

The first time I saw a full circle of a rainbow I was flying to Lanzarote a couple years ago. It felt as though watching a miracle and it inspired me to write a poem right there on the plane… Now I’ve seen it again; it was an early afternoon and I was talking to a friend on the phone watching a vast blue sky above the ocean when suddenly a rainbow formed a huge circle around the sun. You may think I’m crazy, but listening to synchronicities has navigated me well throughout my whole life… I noticed that when I’m following my soul’s calling, the Universe happily nods with signs, magic and synchronicity flowing in the form of lucky coincidences, timely phone calls, inspiring conversations and all sorts of unbelievable experiences.

I’ve only seen a circle rainbow twice in my life. Both times on Lanzarote..!

Besides further sealing my bond with this mysterious island, the fact that I actually saw a rainbow as a complete circle with my own eyes was also a stunning way to realize the illusion of our limited perception of time and space. We think linearly – going from point A to B, counting hours, days and years… But what if it’s just another illusion our mind got trapped in? What if everything exists simultaneously, but in order to experience it, we must perceive it the way we normally do?

Both times I witnessed this rainbow magic, it took my breath away. I understood the preciousness of such phenomena. And it echoed the pristine beauty of the true nature of reality. It felt like an instant sneak-peak from the other side. Like dreaming lucid. That’s why I took the picture. For a split moment, still long enough to register, I had a chance to see it clearly. And I wanted to remember.

Because…if synchronicity is God’s way to stay anonymous, this image might as well be a giant wink from heaven:

The place is HERE. The time is NOW. Enjoy the show…

How about you? Have you ever let synchronicity help you navigate through life?

Forever curious



Photo taken on Lanzarote, Nov 2017




Vicki Flaherty
6.1.2018 22:28

Jana, Happy New Year! What a precious experience...thank you for sharing it with us. May 2018 bring you beauty and wonder and light, my friend. Enjoy the mystery that is life and being human. Vicki