October 5th, 2018

All of us are feeling a bit tired and sleepy; after has been a long day. And even though I planned to catch up on my sleep during Robert Moss Creative writing seminar I admit that I haven't been too successful. Simply stated, there were too many amazing people around, and far better things to do than sleep. Perhaps it's time to call it a day before midnight and use the chance to sleep just a bit longer; at least that's what I'm thinking to myself as I go out of the dining room and bumping into Jenn sitting still on the courtyard. She is totally motionless and looks completely zen.

"Aren't you cold?" I ask.

She holds my hand and I feel she's completely frozen. But her eyes shine and she emits grace and tranquility. Suddenly I notice - the sky is full of bright stars. I breathe in the fresh air and am overtaken by awe. All tiredness is gone. We stay there completely amazed by the unexpected beauty.

"At home I never view a night sky like this", she says.

I go get the yard lights turned off so she can see even more of the magic above us.

"Wow, I always wished to see a Milky way", she states exhaling excitement, as we stand there in the total darkness.

Now that the universe has our full attention it triggers an hour-long show of shooting stars and sense of oneness...

"I connect to that star over there", she points out to Polaris in front of her as tears well up in her eyes.

"In my dreams I often fly to Pleyads", I say pointing at the 7 sisters appearing from behind the courtyard roof. We talk about our dreams and journeys realizing how grateful we both feel to be among our soul family meeting in the heart of Czechland. She comes from Hawaii and is currently living in the US. I ask if she would sing a Hawaiian song for me and she does. We are so connected. And it that moment of stunning perfection gazing together into the infinite I realize we are about to cross the frontiers of words. The closer to Source the more silence speaks on our behalf.

"I am living my dream right now", I hear her whisper.

And I feel we all are...