Surfing life

May 1st, 2016

It has already been 3 years since I took 100 days off to figure out wtf to do with the rest of my life. I had many dreams and dreams. I mean I had plans as to what I wanted to do one day when my life would be finally perfect. And as well, there was plenty of inspiration coming while I was sleeping at night.

The whole story started with one dream in particular that I wish to share with you today.

It happened a few years ago and as part of that vivid dream I was standing on a surf board riding a wave in the ocean. Although (or perhaps because) I have never surfed before, the full-sense of that dream experience completely blew my mind! I woke up very excited and wondered: is this how surfing really feels? If so I want to try it! My husband rolled his eyes, still remembering how not long after I've hadmultiple dreams about drumming I ended up in a djembe class ;)

At that time I was contemplating what my true purpose in life actually was. I realized it might be more than to simply keep advancing a promising leadership career. As much as I enjoyed leading teams, at the same time I felt something essential was missing. The other night (not long after that amazing surf dream) I fell asleep and dreamed of being on the crossroads and turning right from the path I was on.

My intuition has guided me well throughout my entire life and therefore it wasn't too hard to understand its clues. The time has come to take the right turn! The dream metaphor was fairly simple, but, what'd be the right direction in real life?! I had no idea. It is for this reason that I arranged a 3-months unpaid leave from work; and spent 100 days in Nowness.

My main goal was to figure out what my true purpose was. At the time I was overworked, ill and had a mental list of things I wanted to try, learn or do one day; and my bucket list was just getting bigger as I kept postponing living it out.

Surfing topped that list, and therefore the first trip I embarked on during the vacation led me to Lanzarote. Why there? Well, its probably the nicest, safest and closest spot for beginners to learn surfing. I simply had to give it a try :)

And I am so glad I followed that dream hint! As soon as I arrived to the island I felt enormous joy, a sense of profound peace and love. Something about the island was incredibly powerful! I had an intense intuition that the dream in which I surfed is not only about to come true but has in a sense navigated me back home. I felt like this is where I belong, whereI can totally relax and just BE me.

On my first day, guided by a Lavaflow surf instructor, I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. Standing on Famara beach I felt a huge respect watching the impressive strength of the ocean in front of me, however, it took less than an hour in the water beforeI managed to jump on the board and to surf my very first wave.

The most incredible thing? The ride felt exactly as I experienced it in that dream!

I seriously considered cancelling my return ticket and stay longer. Something that's not like the responsible me! Eventually, I accepted that I will leave this divine place, knowing deep inside my heart that I'll be back.

Have you ever wished to just plug in and charge yourself the way you do with your mobile? That's really how this island feels - like plugging into a giant energy socket.

I said to my daughter if I'd be her age, I'd stay here forever. Her reaction surprised me: Mom, this is the real you. I'd love for you to stay like this and bring that mindset home; I've never seen you this happy before!

That got us both to wonder: How could we stay this happy and remind ourselves of this relaxed yet focused flow state of mindfulness and inner joy even after we return home? What if we say something like Surf life! anytime any of us forgets? Anytime that we slip back into old patterns of stress, fear or worry? We were both excited about that idea and have kept on reminding each other using this motto ever since...

Acting on the surfing dream was worth so much more than just learning to pop up on board. It turned out to be in fact life changing. It inspired me to get certified as a coach, start blogging about energy&consciousness and center my work around coaching and learning. I'm more creative in both what I do and how I live. And I am so much happier and healthier as a result of all that followed!!

Most of all I am being me.

I'm not sure if it was the dream that lit a spark deep inside me, or if it was the decision to take the risk of 100 days off without knowing what I’d do once it’s over, or if it was the first surfing experience with a coach (thanks Phil!) that deserves the most credit. All I can say now is that it was during that week on Lanzarote that after many years in a frantic pace and busy-ness I felt I finally gave up control and re-connected to my soul.

It felt like coming home accepting who I am and what really matters to me.

I realized we always have access to this ocean of pure joyful energy. I remembered I used to be plugged into it when I was a child the past and future had little meaning. I was showing up for the life as it was. I was curious and open to any experience I was having at the moment. Some thirty years later here I am surfing my first wave realizing its not the first time I feel this happy, this grounded, this connected...

I am pretty sure we all felt oneness in nowness as kids. We moved through lifes flowing so effortlessly. We noticed and respected its rhythm, the ups and downs, the expansion and contraction that permeates everything both inside and outside. As we grew, education, upbringing and society made that pure joy gradually dissapearand before we knew it our mind built a wall between us and our life. A wall made of thoughts and judgments. The process is slow and that's why most of us don't even know when or how this wall came up.

What we do realize though is that it disconnects us from directly experiencing life and being amazed by the magic and beauty of each unfolding moment. It may be hard to see, especially if it's been a while since you last had a direct experience of just being. We become used to think and judge and therefore struggle through life.

So did I.

But during that week of directly experiencing life again I could see through that wall and directly connect to that energy flow again. How sweet, exciting and lively my life tasted again! And all it really took was just fully be instead of do. It was like finding a long forgotten treasure.

Suddenly my current life style didn't make much sense. I realized it might be all far simpler than I thought. But it requires a few prerequisites that aren't simple to build. It takes deep trust in ourselves and universe at large, intention to relax into lifes flow, courage to take our own path and willingness to change the daily habits.

The less our mind is stuck in the past or future, the easier it is to connect to life's natural flow. So as much as we all might wish to shift from doing to being and surfing the waves of our lives, we are all in some ways resistant and scared of doing so. It's challenging for our ego to give up its control!

I realized that what I search for is a way to be deeply connected with life, not to make it all my way but rather to be relaxed and present enough to fully experience the thrill of being alive in whatever way it unfolds in each moment. Surfing life is about releasing the striving and freeing up energy to create stuff that really matters to us.

My dear, lets face it, so far I've probably done majority of the talking here! While I'm happy you're "listening", Id love to know more about YOU and how connected you are to life's flow and that unique purpose of yours.

Has my story resonated with anything in you?

Id love to know about it!

There is a difference between thinking about our life and actually experiencing it deeply. Thats what Surf life is all about - relaxing into whatever is and living it out to our fullest potential.

As I am sitting here inside a warm sand dune breathing in the fresh ocean breeze watching surfers bathing in the turquoise waves and romantic colors of sunset enjoying flowing within the amazing rhythm of life I can't help myself but ask you:

Imagine how'd your life be if you decide to live it with a bit of a surfer mindset? What do I mean? Being intentional yet aware of your surroundings, the ever changing nature of all things while feeling grounded at your core. Trusting lifes rhythm and your ability to handle any situation that arises, enjoying feeling vibrantly alive, knowing and living your purpose and creating what you came here for.

Can you imagine what the precious life of yours might look like?

And…what would your wildest dream-life feel like?

How ready are you to move from to-doing to surfing your life? I envision you being open, relaxed, engaged, happy and focused having found Your authentic self, Your sweet spot, and making a positive difference in the world by sharing Your talents!

This vision has inspired me to design and facilitate such experience for you. I'm about to open a 100 days experiential program to help YOU embrace your strengths, figure out your purpose and finetune your personal energy to rock it!!

I'll be back with more details soon.

In the meantime, I'd love to know how are you surfing your life right now?

Do you have a sense of purpose? A good enough reason to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you feel energized and enthusiastic about life or something is essentially missing?

Can't wait to hear your story!

Surfing life,



1.5.2016 18:57

really beautiful post! I am in the process of discovering how to "surf life" myself, trying out different things, but still within my comfort zone... although I did take a giant leap to move to the US from Europe five years ago (I have to give me credit for this)! Living a purposeful life is, I believe, our only reason of being on this planet. I am so glad you you've made it yourself and act as an inspiration to others. I hope and wish to ride a-similar-wave with you one day:)

1.5.2016 20:41

Hi Panagiotis,
Thanks for stepping by and congratulations to tracking your purpose. We're all continuously learning to surf life...with each new experience, challenge and opportunity that presents itself to us. I believe that raising awareness is a key; by trying out different things we finetune our strengths, passions and that unique value only we can bring to the world..!
I look forward to meeting you in person one day, my friend, I bet we'll have a lot of fun catching some waves together! ;-)

Vicki Flaherty
3.5.2016 04:02

Jana, I always enjoy your posts. This one was extra special. Surf Life. Ah, that's what you call it. I call my surfing life living this "Abundantly Delicious" life. There's a feeling I get that connects what's happening inside with what's going on outside and it is grace and bliss. Yes, we are kindred spirits, my friend. Thanks for sharing your truths with us. Like your other reader, I look forward to catching (more) waves together. :)

3.5.2016 06:11

Grace and bliss...I love that. And knowing our unique purpose brings peace on top. It's abundantly delicious to surf life with you, Vicki!

4.5.2016 17:19

Hello Jani,

I have been reading your posts for over a year and this is the first time that I found the courage to leave a comment. I found out how important is to live in 'now' moment and I am able to even observe a certain situation and realize that 'this is a perfect moment'. Unfortunately I am still scared to say it loud, that I am happy at work and also in my private life. For some strange reason, I have the feeling, that when I say it, something will go wrong. On the other hand I still appreciate every morning when I open my eyes, I can stretch my body and nothing hurts:-) So I surf my life and I enjoy every moment..

4.5.2016 21:15

Marky, you're simply awesome. This is a perfect moment...and I guess that the fact that you don't feel like shouting out about it doesn't take away any of your awareness and happiness. Keep on surfing life your own beautiful way!