Touching one thing

June 9th, 2017

When you touch one thing with deep awareness…you touch everything.

When you shut out the noise, and listen to your soul….you remember who you are and connect to what matters.

When you let go of fear, embrace what you feel and find the place from which you can truly love yourself… you start surfing life.

But don’t take my word for it; instead let me share a letter I’ve just received. It’s moved me to tears…and it’s from Tünde, an amazing young lady and a wonderful soul whom I had the pleasure to spend the Dream retreat with and coach her while bathing in the rawest energies of natural elements and astonishing beauty of Lanzarote. Her words show the power of this pristine island to transform one’s dreams into reality…


Do you know that dream you desperately want to hold on to and never wake from it? Then, when you realize, you are essentially going to wake up, all that you do is resist, because its so good, its so nice, its so balanced and perfect – you feel pure joy and happiness, and fulfillment. If you know that dream, you will understand what Im about to describe as Lanzarote: Dream Retreat. Because Lanzarote is like a dream. The kind of dream that is in perfect harmony with what you feel, what you need in the moment, be that joy, sadness, laughter, anger. The people, the food, the air, the sun, the stars, the ocean, surfing, waves, the lava, the ash-like sand – soft as silk you as a person, flesh and soul being there – they are all synchronized and in perfect lineage with the Universe.

I always believed in a higher power, I never believed the higher power is me. I never knew, I can find that within me. What I learned in Lanzarote – my life is essentially what I project. What I miss, I can find in myself, I have everything, I just need to close my eyes and dream. What I came to realize so far in my life: there is no luck, there is reason. I wanted to attend the retreat last year, in November – and only now I understood, this was my time. You see, Im going through some very personal issues, and what I did is, for months – distracted myself. Distracted with work, distracted with noise, people, arrogance and anger, both very wrong attitude towards myself. Then Lanzarote came. And I was finally alone. Funnily enough, this is what I wanted to avoid.

Some people cancelled the program last minute, and I was there with Jana only. And you know what? This was the best thing! We had such an amazing flow, such a pure synchronicity – and we left no one to bother that. Jana is an amazing coach. A fantastically honest and kind person, she is so lovely, with all her intuition and energies she wants to guide you to find that lost purpose. All the meals she prepared for me were super delicious, made with love. All the walks and talks and silences – she is there with you, creating a super soft safe space where you can rely on her with confidence. We shared secrets and perspective. Through our meditations I learned that my pain has a form and a color, and I can touch it. I can shape it, change it, embrace it – I dont need to hide it. Ive learned the importance of silence – the fascinating secrets of stars and moon – the importance of breathing. I learned that one can breath through feelings and calm down. That breathing helps you concentrate on What and not Why. I spent way to much time on Whys.

I found my own rhythm by walking El Risco, I found my own peace bathing in the purest lagoon, I found my own courage to face the things I never discussed with anyone, I found my balance when I tried surfing – synchronicity with the ocean. My dreams talked to me – never before were my dreams so vivid and meaningful. And it is like that since I left the island.

For 8 days I skipped the alarm, I ate when I wanted, I slept when I wanted, no one bothered me. I let things happen and welcomed them as they came. I noticed myself, my feelings, like a child who explores – like Im new to myself. Not judging, just observing. And you know what? I didnt miss anyone, I truly just wanted to be with Tnde. How amazing is that? How could I forgot to like myself, to love myself and understand myself?

How could I forget to close my eyes and listen?

So you, the person reading this, go and explore the dream! Treat yourself, let Jana and Lanzarote re-create the dream you once had, the one you wanted to hold on to. Do that for you and never let go of it! Surf Life!


with love,

June 7, 2017





9.6.2017 12:08

Well done to both of you :-) Poetry of the heart!

Vicki Flaherty
9.6.2017 22:03

What a gift - for both of you, and now us. Thank you for sharing!