Where Nowness meets our Dreams

May 31st, 2015

Ever since I remember I have been a passionate dreamer and over time active dreaming has become an integral part of my life. I dare to say it has not only saved my life, but dramatically improved its quality. Dreaming helped me to travel to dimensions beyond our reality and bring back knowledge, inspiration, awe and healing. It showed me options and alternatives when I struggled to find a way out of a difficult situation. It warned me about potential danger, trap or disease, relevant either to my own life as well as lives of others. It inspired me to pursue some of my deepest desires such as surfing, coaching, travelling or drumming. Sometimes it went as far as predicting precise flow of events 10 years before they came into actualization!

I know what you might be thinking… “My dreams are not as epic.” But hold on, there is great personal value in any type of a dream! If only we wish to see it.

For quite a long time I wasn’t sharing much of what I was experiencing during night considering it too hard to translate my dream adventures into words or simply trying to save myself and others the trouble and potential discomfort. The fact that I wasn’t talking about it publicly didn’t prevent me from learning how to leverage the enormous hidden potential of dreaming. I was also lucky to have met a few people – who had some profound dreams and were happy to share their own stories, adventures and experience with me.

Over time I found many great books that have helped in advancing my dreaming skills. Among those that inspired me the most are the following:

Lucid Dreaming, The Power of Being Awake & Awake in Your Dreams (Stephen Laberge);

The Tibetan yogas of Dream and Sleep (Tenzin Wangyal);

The Tibetan book of Living and Dying (Sogjal Rinpoche);

Toltec Dreaming (Ken Eagle Feather);

Dreaming while Awake(Arnold Mindell); and

Living, dreaming, dying (Rob Nairn).

There is one author though whose books speak most closely to my heart – Robert Moss. He’s written many books and I came to know his work through two outstanding ones – Conscious Dreaming and The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination.

In the last mentioned book Robert explains why he believes there is nothing like “only a dream” or “just a coincidence”. There is information, guidance, energy and potential wisdom in all that’s going on in our life; both in our awake states as well as dream states. I can totally relate to this view, and I am actually often pointing out to people that there is no coincidence, but rather quantum of synchronicities i.e. meaningful coinciding events that are inter-related and often happen in a sequence that makes a special sense to us. This is when universe gets personal and we can access the stateof creative flow.

In his book Robert includes 9 rules of synchronicity and 7secrets of imagination. They spell things such as “If you can imagine your goal you are already half way through to it” and “The stronger the image the more real the result.” Anyway, it was thanks to rule #6 that I started to consider sharing some stories and visions from my dreams:

We are able to share a strong vision or a dream with someone who needs one and may greatly benefit from it.

I would have never thought I could meet this gentleman in person, but universe must have wanted it and so though he was born in Australia and lives in New York we were brought together lately. As you can guess by now, it was through a set of synchronicities that I ended up on his seminar in Prague a few weeks ago. And it was during his workshop that I finally opened to the possibility of sharing some of my dreams with people outside my close circle.

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

~ Jim Rohn

Robert shares a plethora of techniques such as Lightning dreamwork (i.e. dreamcoaching), Dream tracking to re-enter a previous dream and explore the experience further, Healing dreaming, Dream theatre to play out scenes with the help of other people, Dreaming of future which can support decision making and even our survival to name just a few.

Let me share an example of a dream that helped me to make the right decision back in 2013. At that time I felt an urge to change the direction of my work. One night I had a vivid dream in which I was walking a path in a deep forest and came to a crossroad. There were three options to choose from. The continuation on the path (i.e. going straight) seemed very complicated and dark. I understood that by following the path I might learn an awful lot but it could lead to my complete exhaustion. When I looked at the path on my left it was bright, easy and without any obstacle. I knew it would be a relief and potentially enjoyable for a while, but I wouldn’t learn anything new and eventually it would get boring. Last I took a look at the one on my right. There were some constraints which I could handle while still having some fun along the way. It provided opportunities for my learning. This was the path I chose to pursue in the dream. A few weeks later I decided to go for the 100 days of Nowness and the rest is history you can read about in my other articles…

In my future post I will invite you to enter my world of dreaming. In the meantime I’d like to hear from you:

Do you have a dream experience that affected your life in any way?

From life to life, from day to day, I bring essence from the world of soul into the world of time.

~ Robert Moss

It is in the attitude of trust, open awareness and curiosity that the greatest magic happens and the best games are being played.

This is where Nowness meets our Dreams.


31.5.2015 23:59

Thank you that nice post. I have read most of Robert Moss' books and love them. I would like to meet him in person too. Sometimes I have vivid dreams and write them down, but I get seriously frustrated trying to decipher them, so they just sit in my journal. I have Moss' drumming CD but I can't seem to re-enter the dreams.

1.6.2015 05:56

Thanks for sharing Maria. First of all, congratulations to the vivid dreams. It's great that you are in a habit of capturing their essence. You can explore the feelings that accompany a dream: where&when in my real life do I experience similar emotions? Another way to work with it might be to experiment with drawing a few dreams w/o any words i.e. drawing down instead of writing down :-) See if there is somebody you'd like to share your dreams with, and perhaps do the Lightning technique together. It might be useful for both and it's usually a lot of fun!

3.6.2015 02:29

Thank you, Jana. :) I do try to capture the essence and work with the dreams and I give them a title. Sometimes I understand what they mean, but more often than not the symbols elude me. I don't have anyone to tell my dreams to, or do Lightning work with. I have however read about the process in Moss' books. I will try the drawing technique!

3.6.2015 20:14

Maria, if you're interested I'd be happy to do some Lightening dreamwork with you.

10.6.2015 21:09

That would be great! How do we go about it?